Depoe Bay, Oregon Real Estate and Community Information

Depoe Bay, Oregon Real Estate and Community InformationKnown for its picturesque scenery, wealth of local activities and attractions and high quality of life, Depoe Bay is a fantastic place to live. Situated in Lincoln County and abutting the scenic Pacific Ocean, Depoe Bay offers excellent public schools, a wide array of outdoor activities to enjoy year round, an affordable real estate market, striking scenery and close proximity to beautiful parks as well as bustling cities like Newport. With its stunning natural scenery, exceptional quality of life and wealth of local attractions and activities to enjoy, this family-friendly community is one of the finest places to live along the Pacific coastline of Oregon.

Depoe Bay’s property market offers plenty of great choices at very reasonable prices. Single-family homes in a bevy of style and size options are very easy to find as are affordable starter homes and quaint, reasonably-priced properties ideal for retirees. Homes with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean are also readily available at superb prices. The city’s property market also offers plenty of great choices for those seeking vacation or second homes as well. Whatever type of property you’re looking for or whatever your budget is, Depoe Bay has something special in store for you.


The city of Depoe Bay was first settled around 1894 and formally incorporated in 1973. The city has seen strong population growth since the end of World War II, attesting its high quality of life and thriving real estate market.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation, Depoe Bay, OregonThe Depoe Bay area is home to a wealth of parks, public spaces and protected areas to enjoy throughout the year, just a few of which include the Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint and the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, biking, bird watching, camping and much more are all very easy to find in and around Depoe Bay.

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions to discover include the picturesque Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint, the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center and much more.


Local events in and around Depoe Bay include whale watches, local sports games, special activities at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in nearby Newport and even more to discover year round.

Depoe Bay: Affordable Homes in a Scenic Location

With its beautiful Oceanside views, affordable real estate prices and easy access to Oregon’s rich variety of outdoor attractions and activities, Depoe Bay is an outstanding place to live. Be sure to contact Wendy Weimer right away for the best deals available in this picturesque waterfront community.

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