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Community Information

As an unincorporated coastal community located in Lincoln County, Seal Rock has a number of people who love to call this place their home. During the early pioneer times, the town was originally used as a resort community. The name was garnered from one large rock that sits around 20 feet above the water level. It used to be the location of hundreds of sea lions and seals, which is how the town garnered its name. During 1887, the town was platted and three blocks worth of hotels were built in the area. Even though development was originally slow, the town has grown and flourished over the years.


Seal Rock HomesMake sure to check out the Seal Rock State Park to learn all about where the town garnered its name. You will love being able to gaze upon the magnificent rock and all of the water surrounding it. If you are looking for some of the best views in the area, this is definitely one place that you will want to check out for yourself. Experience the sunset here for some of the best scenery in the area.

A number of Seal Rock properties are available in the area, so take the time to look at all they have to offer you as a potential Seal Rock home buyer. The local agent will be able to show you a variety of different real estate in Seal Rock to help you find what it is that you want in a new home. As you browse through all of the homes for sale in Seal Rock, you need to figure out which one you want to call your own for years to come.

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